Kokodo Ju Jutsu is a traditional Aiki Ju Jutsu style that teaches to use the attacker’s force against him already in the very start and so neutralizes the attack.

This martial art was called „Ju Jutsu“ in ancient Japan and originates in the style of the famous Samurai family Takeda the Daito Ryu, the art is often reffered to as „Jiu – Jitsu“ because the Japanese signs can be transcribed to the latin alphabet in diffrent ways .

For this Kokodo Ju Jutsu teaches joint locks, fixations, throws in spiral movements, and is also spezialized in nerve pressure points.
This art therefore is suitable to all people, regardless of age or fitnesslevel.It is also thought in partner exercises the so called Waza where it follows a strikt flow of movements so a pupil knows exactly action and reaction inside a technique and can so adapt and train it in his level.
Beside this also variants of these techniques the so called Henka is thought which are also suitable for self defense.

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In our Ju Jutsu style there are, according to the traditional system seven leveles that are thought, the first four are the black belt levels Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, that means until your first (sho) Dan you get thought techniques from this level, afterwards additionally those for the second (ni) Dan and so on.

The last two are Shihan,Kaiden/Menkyo Kaiden Shihan, those can only be thought and promoted from the founder in the Hombu Dojo in Saitama Omiya Japang.

The belt color for these levels is purple, in Kokodo Ju Jutsu this is the sign for the highest rank, in Japan this color symbolizes honor and trust.

Makoto Dojo is the oldest Dojo in Austria which teaches this by Soke Yasuhiro Ire founded style since 1992, we are a member in the Sportunion Vienna since 1994 and in the Kokodo Kyu Shin Kai organization.

Following the teachings of Kokodo our teachers are trained by high ranked Shihans and the founder himself and regularly visit seminars and trainings in the Hombu Dojo Japan and the Hombu Dojo Europe in Belgium to enlarge and intensify their knowledge.

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