kimono-irie-sensei The founder of the Kokodo was tought the arts of Hakko Ryu under it’s SokeD Ryuho Okuyama from 1969.
Already in 1971 he was graded Shihan, and as an excellent pupil he became the main teacherat the Hombu Dojo where he was awarded with the highest rank Menkyo Kaiden Sandaikichu and the honery title „Jodai“ (it is an old title which means castle value). In his over twenty years training at the Hakkoryu Hombu Sensei Irie was very ambitious to spread the art and so many people from the USA or Europe came to him to learn the martial art and saw him as their main teacher-
1993 he left Hakko Ryu to found his Kokodo (the imperial light way = violett) and has now 30 schools in over 12 countries and is always working to spread his knowledge and his enthusiasm.