Where, How, When, What – Quickinfo F.A.Q.
1. Where do I register?

Just show up on a training , or contact a teacher to clarify some open questions .

2. Can I start rigth away?

Sure, the best is to participate right away. The first week is for free, so you can take a look at the training

3.What do i have to bring with me?

You either have already a Gi (Judo/Karate…), or just a trinings suit for the start, anyways it sholud have long sleeves and long legs.

4. Are there special training groups or do I have to make an exam for entrance?

No, everyone trains with everyone, beginners with advanced or with partners of their same level. Thats the best way to learn from each other.

5. How can I join your club?

Just bring the filled form to the next training or e-mail it to us.

6. How much is the fee?

The fee is 145,- for half a year, including all trainings and the inscription to the Kokodo Kyu Shin Kai organization.Under special circumstances you can apply to the reduced fee (97,-), also single units for 10,- are bookable